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Cheap Holidays to Corfu

Holidays in Corfu are packed with variety. Described as the Emerald Isle, the Garden of Eden, the Happy Isle and even – by Homer – as a rich and beautiful land, this island has large modern resorts, tucked away fishing villages, myriad beaches ranging from loose pebbles to gorgeous sandy sweeps and hidden inlets along its coastline. It also features wide fertile plains, towering mountains giving commanding views of the island and beyond (from Mount Prantokrator you can glimpse Italy!) and a huge diversity of wildlife.

Take your holidays in Corfu and you can expect to come face-to-face with over 600 species of wild flowers…and a surprising number of exotic birds – including pelicans and hoopoes, golden orioles and bee eaters. As well as creatures like foxes and pine martens and even the island's famous wild tortoises!

Corfu holidays are full of richness; especially if you like to throw a little sightseeing into the sea, sun, sand and nightlife mix. Corfu - having been prized by many nations, including the Corinthians, the Romans, the Venetians, the Byzantines, the French and the British - has had a rollercoaster of a history, as evidenced by its village architecture, fortresses, museums, temples and churches.

Added together, it means that holidays to Corfu are well worth the time and money with plenty to explore and enjoy for all ages.

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Customer Reviews


December, 6, 2014



Barbati is a beautiful resort. The locals are very friendly. A lovely view from every direction whether it be the sea, mountains or the lush green olive groves. The beach is so long and the water is crystal clear perfect for swimming and snorkelling. We were able to hire a boat for the day from the beach. The local buses were regular and great value. We went to Corfu town one day and Paliokatrista on another day.

David Branson

November, 6, 2014

Best Holiday


Excellent place to go for a girls partying holiday! you could eat out for about 10 euros including a drink or if you weren't that hungry, you could go to subway down the road and get a meal for 5 euros! theres plenty of stuff to do in the day, such as booze cruise which we went on, amazing! pedalos, banana boats, ringos, shopping and sun bathing by the pool or beach!

Kyle Martin

October, 26, 2014

Excellent Resort.


Lovely friendly resort with a village atmosphere more suitable for families and more mature. I think it may be a little tame for teenagers. Nice beach and plenty of places to eat and drink all with that typical Greek friendliness.

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